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‘Our political touch is uniquely covered unlike news factory. We publish selected political news which affect the lives of yours & Ours.’



Observatorio Politica Social readers are special to us, no matter who they are.


Our publications are about the neighborhoods, the people next door, the events in town, the activities down the street, as well as the latest political trends which affect their lives.

Our three news and picture weeklies, two dailies, 3 monthly tabloid cover all the towns and villages in northwestern Rhode Island: Greenville, Smithfield, Scituate, Foster, Glocester, Johnston, and North Providence. Our journal, dailies and tabloid cover all age group. Learn how Observatorio Politica Social, Polito Map, and The Sun Rise Journal can make a difference in your life and your business.


According to statistics provided by the Economic Development Corporation and our own readership survey, Our reach area is special to a wide range of potential advertisers. The great majority of our readers own their own homes, shop locally, and have proven to be among the state's most prosperous.



I have found the articles at Observatorio Politica Social timely & locally relevant while still making us aware about the global happening. National newspaper with Local touch, I must say ...

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Observatorio Politica Social has been delivering timely and thought-provoking political news in our society from over 30 years and we continue to be the relying for all local happenings ...

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Supplement current Newspapers in Education programs at Observatorio Politica Social can be used alone with students watching news on TV or reading it each week on internet news sites ...

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Observatorio Politica Social is your answer to bring local news topics into national newspaper and getting the world aware about your local issues which does not have outreach otherwise ...

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‘Observatorio PoliticaSocial is the first of our publications newspaper group. It's been published for over 18 years and is growing vigorously.’

Lexie Farrell, Founder

Politica Social

According to statistics, our local reach is special to a wide range of potential advertisers. The great majority of our readers own their own homes, shop locally, and have proven to be among the state's most prosperous.

Over 43% of our North County readership is between the ages of 25 and 54. Close to 30% of our readers are college graduates holding associate's degrees or higher, while over 15% have some college education and 30.7% are high school graduates.


An astounding 73% of North County residents own their own homes and over 37% have household incomes between $25,000 and $49,000. Over 32% have incomes of over $50,000.


While they have the papers, they are reading them, too! 55.8% of our readers always read the ads in the paper, and another 22.5% almost always read them. Not only that, nearly 83% of the readers spend between a quarter and three quarters of their shopping dollars right in the North County area.

And it looks as if they plan to do so for some time. Some 73.4% of our readers have lived in North County 10 years or more and another 11.2 percent have been here 6-10 years.


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